Sinzer software becomes first tool to be reviewed against Social Value Principles


Sinzer, a software tool for managing social impact, has become the first software tool to be reviewed in line with the Principles of Social Value (pdf).

This assessment, conducted by Social Value UK, confirmed that Sinzer is capable of collecting and processing the information required to produce a report conforming to Social Value International’s Principles (it should be noted that the actual adherence to the SVI principles of a specific report relying on [Sinzer’s] software system would require separate, additional assurance).

As an organisation, the team behind Sinzer have provided solutions and knowledge for managing social impact since 2008, and their first software tool, Social E-valuator, produced over 1,800 SROI reports.

Sinzer itself was launched in September 2014 and is available in English, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish and German (next month). It supports a range of standard frameworks, including SROI, and has over 400 users internationally.

Sinzer has also joined Social Value International as an organisational member, and has become the first software provider to have an official license with the Global Value Exchange, Social Value UK’s free online database of outcomes, indicators and valuations. The license allows project users of Sinzer to access information stored on GVE and integrate it into their own projects.

Marlon van Dijk, Managing Director of Sinzer, says “It’s our mission to enable our clients to manage and maximize their social impact in a time and cost efficient way. We hope to further strengthen our partnership with GVE and Social Value International to gain more international exposure of the importance of measuring and managing social value.”



About Sinzer   |

Sinzer is the software platform for managing social impact, which helps you make better decisions, improve and maximise your impact and be accountable to stakeholders. Sinzer enables you to define your impact, collect data efficiently and analyse the results. Benefits include:

– Efficient and easy data entry to save time

– Online surveys to engage your stakeholders

– Clear dashboard to facilitate presentation of findings

– Ability to analyse, compare and aggregate your projects with the use of templates

– Linking with the Social Value’s very own Global Value Exchange meaning you can add outcomes, indicators and valuations with just a few clicks.

Sinzer supports standards frameworks (e.g. SROI) as well as allows for the development of customised frameworks with the use of flexible building blocks.


About Social Value International   |

Social Value International is the global network focused on social impact and social value. We are the global network for those with a professional interest in social impact and social value.

Social Value International works with our members to embed core principles for social value measurement and analysis, to refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy.

We support, connect, and represent our members through training, knowledge-sharing and networking.

Social Value International is much more than a professional network. Together, we are building a movement for change.



Marlon van Dijk, Managing Director, Sinzer   |   +316310104

Helen Campbell, Communications and Membership Coordinator, Social Value UK   |   +44 151 703 9229

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