Social Value International goes to Mexico City

In late October, members of Social Value International David Pritchard and Amanda Sheehan, and Head of Development at NPC Tris Lumley, were invited to give a full day seminar to discuss social impact measurement and accounting for social value at the annual meeting of Procura in Mexico City.

Procura is a Mexican non-profit institution founded in 1995 with the backing of a group of Mexican businessmen. Since its inception, Procura has been recognized as the leading institution for training non-profit organizations in the field of institutional development and fundraising.

The event was attended by nearly 350 individuals, representing non-profit organizations from various sectors, directors of foundations and fundraising consultants in Mexico. The ideas of accounting for value of social outcomes, and for applying the Principles of Social Value were new to many of the attendees, so it was a lot of information to digest in a short time. Amanda is based in Mexico, and is following up with individuals who have expressed interest in learning more and taking steps to apply the principles in their work.

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