Social Impact Assessment Booklet

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Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a crucial tool in managing the social consequences of development. It is a research analytical process for decision making. Through a series of stakeholder engagement, SIA practitioners can forecast and mitigate the anticipated and unanticipated consequences of developments on social aspects of our environment.In this booklet, eight common social impact assessment frameworks will be presented, including BACKS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, B Impact Assessment, SEE Mark, Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Framework, Social Impact Measurement, Social Return on Investments (SROI), Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) and True Value Model.We hope the SIA booklet could help government, nonprofits, social enterprises or corporates to understand the key differences between the aforementioned frameworks and choose the best assessment tool, depending on their organizational profile and specific needs.

Contributed by the Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts.


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