Level 3 Criteria and Evidence Form

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This document sets out the criteria required for an organisation or programme to achieve Level 3 of the Social Value Management Certificate. Applicants must provide evidence that demonstrates management of social value is taking place as a continuing process in alignment with each of the criteria listed below. This evidence will include documents that show management of social value is taking place in a continued manner (e.g. revised stakeholder maps, revised outcome lists, revised theories of change, evidence of stakeholder engagement sessions with different stakeholder groups, multiple data sets, minutes from meetings where social value data is being discussed at different levels of the organisation etc). This evidence must be agreed, signed off or ratified by both identified Social Value Representatives. Please note against each point how your organisation or programme has met the criteria and the evidence you have provided. You should then submit both this completed document along with your supporting evidence. You can do this by uploading the files to our online application form. If you have any issues please reach out to the team at info@socialvalueuk.org .

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