The Australian Social Value Bank and the Social Value Principles Linkage Paper

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The ASVB social values cover a broad range of community interventions, focusing (at present) on the following domains: crime, drugs and alcohol, education, employment, social and community, health, home and sport. The ASVB currently contains 62 primary outcomes (benefits to individuals), differentiated by age and geography (732 values), and 196 secondary values (benefits to society) to produce 928 values.

Social Value International (SVI) is a network of networks operating across the world and across sectors aiming to change the way we account for value. At the heart of this movement is a principlesbased approach for accounting for social value. The Social Value Principles are the building blocks for capturing, analysing and reporting a complete account of the material social changes caused by an organisation’s activities.

SVI and the ASVB worked develop a linkage paper to evidence how the ASVB applies their seven Social Value Principles.

Learn more about the Australian Social Value Bank here.


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