Soil and Water Conservation Bureau Achieve an Assured Report

The report was written by Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB), Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan in Taiwan. SWCB has promoted rural regeneration policy for many years. The first priority of rural regeneration is to create happy rural villages taking consideration of life, local industry, rural culture and ecology conservation.

Sunny Rush is the case SWCB consult. The team started with the motivation to promote the culture-conservation and industry-development of rush by “product-development, brand-operation, friendly-cultivation, working-process-recording and spirit-succession”. What they do and influence have attract more young people to participate in “rush weaving learning and teaching”, that let more people know the 200 years rush-weaving-skill and join in.

Are there any other specific projects you are doing at the moment that are related to SROI/social value?

Aged populations and youth migration are serious problems in Taiwan rural areas. We hope that youths could find ways to solve the problems in rural areas with their creativity and core knowledge in various fields to influence whole society. Encourage more people to participate and devote to public affairs in rural village.

Why did you choose to apply for the assurance process?

We hope the world can see what the youths in Taiwan has devoted to the rural village. We also hope through this application, we can share the rush weaving industry promoted by Yi-Ya Liao which preserve traditional cultural skills in Taiwan and create more job opportunities for women and influence our society further.

Is there anything that you gained or found useful from the accreditation process? And what next? What are the next plans for your organisation?

We have found that social influence not only can assess individual case but more suitable for implementation in governmental policies. Social influence combined with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) could evaluate the feasibility and social benefits more precisely.
Next, I will adjust partial evaluation forms in my position so that young people can think what their projects benefit the society in different ways.Can you provide a specific quote for us to include? e.g. Bob Geldof (Organiser of Live Aid) says: “We’re thrilled to have achieved accreditation with Social Value International. This will continue to help us play a key part in the movement towards changing the way the world accounts for value.”

Yi-Ya Liao (Sunny Rush) says: “ Social influence will continue to help us find out social values for what we do.”

For more info please contact:
Peng, Hsin-Yen, Associate Engineer

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