Sopact join as organisational members of Social Value International

We are proud to welcome Sopact as organizational members of Social Value International. Sopact empowers investment capital with a higher purpose. Sopact is the creators of The Impact Cloud™ platform which enables investment funds to deploy capital in sustainable investments across the globe by managing the social impact across their entire portfolio.

Sopact’s Impact Cloud is a leading impact measurement to management SaaS platform with result collection, impact data management, aggregation, impact insight, reporting, and seamless SROI calculation. Sopact have active customers in community development finance institutes and have advised them on the SROI process from the start including financial proxies. Sopact has released many original articles towards SROI awareness and is also a member of Social Value USA.

Sopact is actively working to form a partnership with a leading economic and wage data provider, IMPLAN which will further simplify the process of SROI calculation with Sopact Impact Cloud. They are also training their client’s partners in the field to collect useful results and identify financial proxies to have accurate SROI calculations.

Sopact’s Impact Cloud is one the most flexible and platform that integrates the theory of change driven lifecycle and incorporates various standards, frameworks, and methodology. Combining SROI into their data-driven platform provides unique value to the client. Often their clients want a flexible data management process that goes beyond the traditional survey (to stakeholder) approach before calculating SROI.

By certifying the software and becoming a member of Social Value International, Sopact hopes to gain credibility in the value-based social impact measurement and take training as needed. Through SVI partnership, Sopact would like to reach as many SROI practitioners who understand this unique value of data management driven SROI approach.

Sopact aims to be a leader in impact data management platform aligned to ANY standards including but not limited to UN SDGs. They hope to further align the Global Value Exchange (GVE)’s indicators & financial proxies with Impact Search Engine. Impact cloud completes the impact journey for any level organization (Assets, Asset Managers, and Asset Owners) from impact result collection to the impact reporting all in a single platform.

Hetal Sheth, COO, said, “Sopact shares many common goals with Social Value International. We are excited to partner with SVI to demonstrate every stakeholder’s voice through actionable impact management (AIM).”

If you wish to follow Sopact on their social value journey:

Hetal Sheth, COO
510 565 5150

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