SVI partners with online learning platform Efiko to expand its reach

Efiko Academy, the first online learning platform dedicated to impact skills and competencies, works together with SVI to provide the accredited Social Value & SROI Practitioner Training in a highly interactive and practical way. “A scalable online solution to expand SVI’s reach,” according to Ben Carpenter, SVI’s CEO.

Pre-registrations are open as of this week!

Efiko aims to equip individuals and teams with the skills and abilities that help them excel at creating high and lasting impact. Efiko empowers every person to become a world-class Social Impact Leader by providing interactive and personalized online courses delivered by thought leaders and experts. In this way, it aims to accelerate the pace at which pressing societal problems are addressed. With Efiko’s online courses, companies get the opportunity to allow their employees gain a complementary skillset that will empower them to achieve their social impact goals faster and better.

Founders Timothy Lambert and Louis Wouters, who have both been working in the European impact investing sector, have noticed first-hand the lack of impact skills and abilities in the sector. “We understood that to help impact organisations live up to their full potential, people needed a place to attend interactive, inclusive and highly practical training opportunities,” says Timothy Lambert. “We can indeed not take for granted that people working with a social mission master the competencies that are so critical for its implementation”, he added.

A strong collaboration to increase SVI’s reach

The partnership will allow SVI to further spread the adoption of the Social Value Principles with the ambition to converge to one unambiguous approach to impact management. “Having a strong high-quality methodology, SVI is the perfect standard setter for a course on impact measurement and management,” according to Louis Wouters. Through an inclusive pricing strategy and by offering the course in various languages, Efiko plans to go beyond the Anglosphere. It is envisioned to reach a multicultural audience still before the end of the year. In times of growing interest in flexibility, self-development and continuously more remote work, an online alternative is essential. Efiko Academy and SVI’s collaboration opens doors towards a more digital approach.

“In a post-covid world we need new ways to connect and learn. We are excited to work in partnership with Efiko to build a global community of social value practitioners.

Join the movement.”

Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International

Join Efiko and SVI on this online learning journey. Led by Dr. Adam Richards, SVI’s lead training manager, Efiko proposes 8 hours of interactive content, video-based courses, testimonials and case studies. The latter personalises the course, such that a Peruvian social entrepreneur doesn’t get the same content as a London-based impact investor. This highly practical course is a fit for both professionals in the field, as well as beginners, and provide the necessary frameworks and tools to set up a strong impact strategy.

Use the discount code “socialvaluefriend” and join the Efiko community: don’t hesitate and start boosting your impact skills today!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you would like to contribute to the course by sharing inspiring practitioner insights on how to turn the Impact Management theory into practice and benefit from global visibility.

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