Te Whānau o Waipareira Have Had a Report Assured!

Te Whānau o Waipareira (Waipareira) is an Urban Māori Authority delivering a wide range of services to the community in West Auckland, New Zealand. It is a family centric organisation which operationalises the core values and principles of Whānau Ora* in all its services. Waipareira has been delivering Incredible Years Parenting (IYP) programme to its whānau for over six years.

The IYP Programme for Māori whānau is called Ngā Tau Mīharo ō Aotearoa, which reflects and supports responsiveness to Māori Culture. This report is a forecast SROI analysis, measuring the social value of the Incredible Years Parenting programme. The report reveals the story of change and value created as a result of the IYP programme and its unique service delivery at Waipareira. It provides robust evidence of the importance and impact of early intervention and parent management programmes for Māori.

We asked them Dr. Sneha Lakhotia, Policy Lead and Quantitative Researcher at Waipareira about their social value journey.

Are there any other specific projects you are doing at the moment that are related to SROI/social value?

We have been on the impact measurement journey for nearly five years now. We have commenced assessing, evidencing and building systems in place to measure value of our services in the community. This is our second SROI project and we intend to embed the principles and methodology further to other services and programmes in the organisation and the wider space to measure and value what matters most.

Why did you choose to apply for report assurance?

Having completed the SROI training and co-authoring an SROI report, I realised the void of expertise and understanding of social value and SROI in New Zealand. The report assurance and accreditation was an opportunity to validate my understanding of the principles and methodology and build further capacity. It has fostered my drive for social change and impact. It was also a means to finding a niche in the social impact space in New Zealand and internationally.

As an organisation, it was an extension of our strategic priority on our journey of impact measurement. The assurance process helps us authenticate our work and increase value creation and impact for our communities. Further, the report assurance has also helped us communicate the value of the substantial work of our frontline workers, to motivate them and inform future service provision. It also gives us the platform to connect to other indigenous and social organisations globally to benchmark best practices and value.

Is there anything that you gained or found useful from the assurance process?

The assurance process has been very insightful. It not only furthered my understanding of the principles and methodology, but also my engagement with stakeholders. This has boosted my understanding and articulation of social value and broadened my purview. The process has helped me connect to a wider and global network of like-minded individuals to share, learn and improve the practices in the impact space. I have learnt a lot and have enjoyed the process with the guidance and support of the network and my peers.

And what next? How will the organisation use the assured report?

From the programme’s perspective, this study can support a greater understanding of the value of the IYP Programme at Waipareira and across New Zealand. It will help inform policy and process through the lens of social value.

The organisation will continue to embed this as a practice across its different services and use it as a tool to communicate not only to funders but whānau and communities, and the front line workers. It will use the report to translate and inform best practices and decisions not only in the organisation, but the wider network of similar organisations and agencies.

At a policy and systemic level, amidst the global social impact buzz and the current Government’s momentum to shift focus and investment to Social well-being, this report and accreditation will be instrumental to inform practices, strategy, and planning. It will help foster the understanding and measurement of social impact within the New Zealand Living Standards Framework and fit a piece in the jigsaw puzzle for measuring what matters most to the people and communities.

For more information, head to Te Whānau o Waipareira’s website here.

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