The Social Value Rating and Certification

What is the Social Value Rating?

The Social Value Rating is a score (out of 100) based upon a series of scales that measure how far the Principles of Social Value are being applied within the processes and systems of an organisation or programme for measuring and maximising social value.

The Social Value Rating can cover a single programme or it can relate to an organisation as a whole (all of the programmes delivered by the organisation).

The Social Value Rating can be obtained by creating an account on the Social Value Self Assessment Tool and completing an assessment.

Users of the Social Value Self Assessment Tool that obtain a Social Value Rating above a threshold can apply for their organisation or programme to be certified and given a Social Value Certificate.


What is the Social Value Certification and what does it say about an organisation or a programme?

Social Value Certification is awarded to an organisation or a programme once Social Value International are satisfied that the Social Value Rating is above an established threshold and is supported with appropriate evidence.

Holding the Social Value Certification means the following;


“This is to certify that YOUR ORGANISATION/PROGRAMME has systems and processes in place that are consistent with the Social Value Principles, which enable you to measure and maximise the social value that you create.”


How to get a Social Value Rating and the benefits:

Social Value UK in collaboration with their member Hall Aitken have produced an online Social Value Self Assessment Tool that allows users to identify how their current systems and processes align to the Principles of Social Value. Completing this self assessment provides a user with a Social Value Rating (a score between 0-100).

The Social Value Rating is free to obtain and it is a self-assessment process. Taking the Social Value Self-Assessment has the following benefits:

  1. Highlighting how the existing processes and systems show an alignment with the Principles of Social Value.
  2. Identifying areas of existing processes and systems that do not show alignment with the Principles of Social Value.
  3. Provides useful tips and guidance on how to improve processes and systems to show a stronger alignment to the Principles of Social Value.
  4. Allows a user to benchmark their Social Value Ratings against their previous assessments (to show progress) or by comparing to similar programmes or organisations.

What do the criteria and application process look like?

You can find the full list of criteria, details of a standard application journey and costings in the Social Value Rating and Certification guidelines document, available for download here.

How much does it cost?

Certification of:Non-MemberIndividual MemberOrganisational Member

All prices are in GBP and exclusive of VAT for UK applicants.


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