Whānau Ora Accreditation Framework endorsed by SVI

A highlight for our Social Value Aotearoa network this year was working closely with a subset of our members through Te Pou Matakana(Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency) co-designing the WhānauOra Accreditation Framework – an organisational approach to strengthening and reinforcing the ongoing quality and integrity of WhānauOra practice and delivery.

Whānau Ora

Dame Tariana Turia on Whānau Ora “To know ourselves, our strengths, our challenges and chart our own course.”

Whānau Ora is a culturally-based holistic approach to wellbeing that focusses on the Māori concept of whānau. The family group (whānau) are considered as a whole and not just the individual.  Whānau Ora is about confidence, mana (self-determination) and the belief in self, family and community. Where whānau are viewed as assets being developed and not problems to be fixed.  Whānau are the decision-makers who identify what they need to build on their strengths and achieve their aspirations. It works with the collective and whānau capability to reach better outcomes (positive change) in areas such as health, education, housing, employment, improved standards of living and cultural identity.

Delivering Whānau Ora through Non-Government Organisation’s means decision-making happens free from the overly risk-adverse and micro-management of government. Community-based Whānau Ora Partners sit in the communities they serve. They can leverage off local knowledge and adapt to local issues, allowing for local innovative and adaptive ideas and solutions to grow.

The Whānau Ora Framework

The Whānau Ora Framework is underpinned by recommendations and information presented in Whānau Ora: Report of the Taskforce on Whānau-Centred Initiatives and subsequent research, adaptations and developments within the Whānau Ora space.

It is intended to be broad, generic and permissive, whilst also allowing for unique and innovative community and partner approaches to whānau centric practice. It will offer organisations an opportunity to reflect on their strengths and success, through interaction with an online self-assessment tool. This will provide invaluable insight into recognising areas of excellence, as well as those that require further support to develop fully.

The Framework encompasses several key and aligned aspects. To ensure Partners continue to lead cutting edge approaches to delivery and data capture we have broadened the framework to include not only Whānau Ora but also:

  • impact and evaluation measurement and responsiveness
  • data collation and analysis practices
  • information technology solutions that enable quality outcomes reportage

It is set out as guidelines with examples of how partners are currently meeting requirements or how they can further develop their Whānau Ora approach. These guidelines should be viewed as tools to either reinforce current Whānau Ora service approaches, or to refine and further improve current service provision.

These guidelines are a supportive resource in which partners can:

  • determine how well they are supporting whānau to achieve their outcomes
  • improve and build on current Whānau Ora service delivery models
  • review their ability to report on these outcomes through data and quality narrative
  • understand and implement appropriate workforce development strategies

Along with a co-design approach, it was important to have it peer reviewed by Social Value International to ensure its alignment with the Social Value Principles.   We are delighted it has been endorsed by Social Value International and is consistent with Level 3 of Social Value Certificate.


Our current focusis for partners to engage with the framework and complete the online self-assessment, which is hosted in our members’ area of our Social Value Aotearoa website.    

The information from this pilot phase will help inform:

  • Training and support needed for the coming year
  • Refinement of the online self-assessment tool
  • Verification process for partners ready to apply for Accreditation

This post was written by Jo Nicholson, Director of Social Value Aotearoa.

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