Together, we are changing the way
the world accounts for value.


Social Value International is member-led. Our members share a common goal: to change the way society accounts for value.


 Networks work to promote the Principles of Social Value, to refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy


What is social value ?

Social value is the quantification of the relative importance that people place on the changes they experience in their lives. Some, but not all of this value is captured in market prices. It is important to consider and measure this social value from the perspective of those affected by an organisation’s work.

For Business

Using the Principles of Social Value can help business identify risks and opportunities and provide a framework for assessing whether the business should actively manage them.

For Investors

The Principles of Social Value can be used as part of the due diligence process for making an investment.

For Commissioners

Commissioners can use the Principles of Social Value in a number of different ways. Social value can help explore what types of value the market can provide for exploring the outcomes.

For Organisations With A Social Purpose

Organisations which have social objectives will want to know if they are achieving these objectives.

SVI around the World

Accredited Training With SVI

The Social Value International accredited training programs are world-class and provide learners with access to the very latest knowledge and skills in social value, SROI and impact management so you can maximise the impacts of your work.

As a global standard setter in social value and impact management, we work with other standard setters such as the UNDP, OECD, and the Impact Management Project, and our accredited training is delivered by qualified experts and trusted platforms to help you to achieve your personal goals and create more social value and positive impacts.

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