Assurance and Accreditation

Social Value UK provide a range of assurance and accreditation services on behalf of Social Value International. All of the following services are available to members of Social Value International:

More detailed information on each of these services can be found by clicking the links.

Why is assurance important?

Assurance provides confidence in your work, and the judgements you have made. It is also a useful learning tool, to assess how you might be able to improve your social value measurement for next time. Assurance also speaks directly to Principle 7 – Verify the result.

Assurance Service Application Rounds

The following standard rounds are scheduled for 2020

Assurance ServiceRound OpensRound Closes
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results20th January 202024th January 2020
Report Assurance20th January 202031st January 2020
SVI Practitioner17th February 202028th February 2020
Social Value Certificate9th March 202020th March 2020
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results20th April 202024th April 2020
Report Assurance 20th April 20201st May 2020
SVI Practitioner18th May 202029th May 2020
Social Value Certificate8th June 202019th June 2020
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results6th July 202010th July 2020
Report Assurance6th July 202017th July 2020
SVI Practitioner1st September 202011th September 2020
Social Value Certificate21st September 20202nd October 2020
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results12th October 202016th October 2020
Report Assurance 12th October 202023rd October 2020
SVI Practitioner9th November 202020th November 2020
Social Value Certificate30th November 202011th December 2020

Download a PDF Assurance Calendar here.

For more details on specific rounds, please click on the following links:

Social Value Management Certificate

Report Assurance

SVI Practitioner

For the Social Value International Assurance and Accreditation services, run by Social Value UK, there are now a number of different services running that require systemic planning.  These services are:

  1. Report Assurance
  2. Practitioner Levels 1, 2 & 3
  3. Social Value Certificate

All listed services have a pool of applicants through the year and require timely responses and managed feedback processes. Therefore, for 2020 Social Value International will be running rounds of application for these services. There will be 4 rounds for each service. Whilst Practitioner Level 1 applications can be made at any time, there are 4  rounds for results which are detailed on the Assurance Calendar.

Fast track application requests can be made directly to the SVI Assurance Team.

There are a number of other assurance services that are managed on a bespoke basis.  These are:

  1. Product Accreditation (training, guidance and frameworks)
  2. Software Accreditation

How much does assurance cost?

Click on the links below for more information on pricing:

Assurance is managed by Social Value UK, please contact for more details.

Assurance and Accreditation Complaints and Appeals:

There may be situations where issues arise with the outcome (results) of your application for accreditation or assurance, or with the process itself, or anything else that you may wish to raise as an appeal or complaint.  Social Value International three step complaints and appeals process to deal with your issue in a thorough and responsive manner.  Details of the procedure can be found here.